At Smart Living Place, we know that no matter the size or type of property, it is always important to make sure that the finishing touches are in place. Tiling is a very important aspect of finishing the look and feel of a property so we take every precaution to ensure we get things right first time around.

Tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles as well as a range of materials so it can be difficult to make the choice as to which particular tile meets your requirements. This is why our tiling contractors in are employed based on their knowledge and experience on this side of the business.

From a new wall tiling project through to re-tilling of particular rooms within a property, we are here to help every step of the way. To help get you started we have compiled a list of the most popular type of tiles you could expect to see when looking online and in commercial building retail outlets.

Types of Tiles

| Ceramic Tiles | Ceramic Wall Tiles | Clay Ridge Tiles | Clay Roof Tiles | Clay Roofing Tiles | Clay Tiles | Concrete Ridge Tiles | Concrete Roof Tiles | Concrete Roofing Tiles | Concrete Tiles | Cork Tiles | Decra Roof Tiles | Double Roman Roof Tiles | Felt Roof Tiles | Felt Roofing Tiles | Fired Earth Tiles | Flat Roof Tiles | Glass Tiles | Interlocking Roof Tiles | Lightweight Roof Tiles | Low Pitch Roof Tiles | Marley Roof Tiles | Metal Roof Tiles | Metal Tile Roofing | Mono Ridge Tiles | Mosaic Tiles | Plastic Roof Tiles | Porcelain Tiles | Reclaimed Roof Tiles | Redland Roof Tiles | Redland Tiles | Ridge Roof Tiles | Ridge Tiles | Roof Tiles | Roof Vent Tiles | Roofing Ridge Tiles | Roofing Tiles | Rosemary Roof Tiles | Rubber Roof Tiles | Rubber Roofing Tiles | Slate Roof Tiles | Slate Roofing Tiles | Slate Tiles | Terracotta Roof Tiles | Wall Tiles |

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