If you are looking for local painters and decorators then Smart Living Place can offer a wide range of professional painting and decorating services for our clients.

There are a large number of painting and decorating contractors along with freelance contractors so how do you know you are making the right choice when selecting Smart Living Place.

Well, we have the benefit of having fully qualified painters and decorators who have worked with us for a number of years so not only are they very experienced but they come highly recommended by all of our previous clients.

The painting and decorating business is one that has continually grown as people at home and in business always look to make improvements especially when they move into a brand new space.

Here at Smart Living Place, we make sure that all of our painters and decorators are fully qualified and provided with the right knowledge and tools to undertake even the most complex of jobs to deliver the very best results.

We look at all aspects of painting and decorating both inside and outside of your property. Whether it is simple aspects of the job including selecting the wallpaper and the paint through to taking care of repairs such as leaks and cracks before we start any actual work. We ensure that our team is prepared for every stage of the project.

In addition to the standard work you would expect our painters and decorators to undertake, we can also look after a number of simple carpentry, joinery, tiling, plastering and plumbing jobs within the property along with a number of design elements as well.


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PhantomBuildingServicesPaintbrush on cans with color prints. Concept

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If you require any further information regarding the building services we offer, then please have a look around our website or contact us by calling   07858500503   or   07784455117     or      07703608178

  Email for inquiries: info@SmartLivingPlace.com