We are NICEIC registered.

When working with electrical items in a domestic or commercial property, special care has to be taken, as this can be a very dangerous job indeed.

Nowadays, electricity is used to power most of the appliances we use in our homes whether this is in your kitchen, bathroom, lounge or another part of the home. When looking after commercial electrics this can be equally as dangerous and in many cases a lot more complicated especially when working on large commercial buildings with many floors.

In Smart Living Place, our electricians and electrical contractors offer a wide range of electrical services you would expect from a reliable and qualified electrical company.

There are a large number of electrical agencies and electrician companies in London & around, so we know that it can become difficult to make the decision as to whom you choose to undertake the work so we have provided a few reasons below as to why we think Smart Living Place should at least be part of that selection process.

  • We can provide both domestic, commercial and industrial electricians
  • All of our electricians are registered, qualified and certified
  • We can offer 24-hour emergency electricians in those worst-case scenarios
  • Our electricians are not only professional but come highly recommended

We offer a wide range of electrical services for our clients including:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Installation of electrical systems
  • Electrical surveys and reports
  • Electrical inspections, appliance and PAT safety testing
  • Issue of electrical safety certificates
  • Industrial electrical services
  • Commercial electrical services

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If you require any further information regarding the building services we offer, then please have a look around our website or contact us by calling   07858500503   or    07784455117     or      07703608178

  Email for inquiries: info@SmartLivingPlace.com