Carpentry and joinery should both be key service areas for any building firm as they are extremely skilled trades. Predominantly tradesmen who are involved in carpentry and joinery use natural wood as their core material, which is then cut, shaped and installed usually as part of a larger project.

Carpentry and joinery is a predominantly male-dominated trade and occupational choice. However, there are a large number of highly skilled women who have entered into this industry to create some truly amazing work and we expect this number to continue to grow.

All of our carpenters and joiners have spent many years mastering their craft through many years of work experience as well as enrolling in a variety of training courses to ensure their work is always of the highest possible standard.

Carpentry and joinery are two different types of service. As mentioned previously carpentry comprises of the cutting, shaping and installation of various materials, which then form part of a larger build project. Joinery, on the other hand, involves a carpenter who cuts and fits the joint of wood without the need for additional fasteners. Some of the types of you would expect a joiner to create including windows, doors, staircases, tables, cabinets and many more.

Smart Living Place is one of the most professional carpentry company and our carpentry contractors and in-house carpenters provide a wide range of carpentry service for our clients. If you are looking for something extra special then we offer bespoke carpentry and bespoke joinery services giving you the option to create a completely one of a kind addition to your home or commercial workspace.

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