At Smart Living Place, we undertake a wide range of building projects. Basements and sub-basements are becoming a popular choice in home development especially when they are trying to increase the value of their property.
There are a number of basement companies who provide a variety of services including basement excavation, basement conversions, basement refurbishments and basement construction.Basements are a perfect choice for anyone investing money back into their home. This is why Smart Living Place has invested time, money and resources to ensure we give our clients the best possible finish to their home and the best overall service.
If you are looking for a basement company who come highly recommended with an extensive client base and a wide range of clients then Smart Living Place is the choice for you. We guarantee that our staff will provide you with the help, advice and support you and/or your family need when making such an important decision.
With a wide range of fixtures and fittings available and a collection of styles to choose from there has been no better time to get in touch with Smart Living Place to get your free obligation quotation. We will not guarantee to beat the prices of our competitors or that we are the cheapest, but we will guarantee to offer an exceptional service that delivers results.


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If you require any further information regarding the building services we offer, then please have a look at our website or contact us by calling    07858500503    or   07784455117     or      07703608178

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